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Treatments – Massage       


We at Alishba by Moa offer personalized massage and always agree with the customer on the spot which treatment that suits you best.

At Alishba by Moa we mix the Thai with the classic Swedish. All to give you a better treatment.

The customer can choose between a softer “Relaxation variant” or one tougher, more “In-depth variant”.


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Massage – Type of treatments


30 min – 350 kr

This is a part of body massage, usually a “try-on massage”.

A treatment that concentrates on loosening tense muscles in the back and neck. A well-executed treatment provides a beneficial and pleasant relaxation in part of the body.


60 min – 650 kr

An hour of massage to go through your body and mind, with back, neck, legs, feet, arms and hands. As treated, you get back mobility and renewed energy throughout your body and bud.


90 min – 975 kr

Here we perform at Alishba by Moa a thorough full body massage with

back, seat, back, front legs, feet, arms, hands, neck, head and facial massage. The oil massage is effective in relieving muscle tension and alleviate pain in the body. The massage stimulates blood circulation and increases the body’s own feel-good hormone – Oxytocin which also helps to suppress the stress hormone cortisol.

A beneficial massage that makes your body really good!



On weekends and red days, 700 are charged per hour worked.