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3D Microblading

Alishba by Moa performs the latest method of cosmetic tattooing.


Cosmetic tattoo of eyebrows

This is a manual method used to tatoo eyebrows. This technology is semi-permanent and lasts for 1 to 3 years. The manual tool used, handles 10 to 16 small needles which applies new pigment to the epidermis. The color ends up closer to the surface of the skin, so the lines become more sharp and will give the eyebrows a more detailed result than what a traditional tattoo would.

The method is ideal to get a natural and hair-like looks and complements your existing eyebrows.

We choose the tatoo pigment so that it would blend nicely with your natural eyborow and hair color, and work well with your skin tone.

Microblading is a good time-saving option if you are tired of filling in your eyebrows every morning. You get detailed and well-shaped eyebrows without makeup. You can shower, exercise and wake up with the same beautiful eyebrows every day without an effort.

A recommended color renewal is preferably done within a year and a half after your first treatment.