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The benefits of massage

* Makes tense muscles soften up and gives a more elastic feel

* Has a general relaxing effect on the body

* Strengthens the immuneus system

* Increases blood and lymph circulation in the muscles

* Provides a deeper and calmer breathing

* Relaxes muscles during pain

* Provides increased body awareness

* Calming effect on the nervous system

* Stress releaver

* Has possitive effects on tired and strained muscles

* Increases our ability to concentrate


The word “massage” comes from the Latin “mass” which means touch. Hippocrates – the father of the art of medicine, described the medical effects of massage already in 400 bc.

Massage treatment have been shown to relieve muscle and joint tension, increase body flexibility, reduce anxiety, pain and stress.

The bodys´own “peace and quiet hormone” Oxytocin, is released at deeper levels through touch and massage.

In addition, massage lowers blood pressure, stimulates cell growth, increases endurance to pain and reduces the level of stress hormones.

Massage dilates the blood vessels in the skin, which enhances fluid distribution to the skin and underlying tissues.

At Alishba by Moa we infuse the ancient Thai massage with the classical Sweish massage in order to stretch skin, treat deeper into connective tissue, increase blood flow in your muscles, tendons, ligaments and increase the flow in the lymphatic system.

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